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Coffee remains a frequent obsession. My oldest daughter recently suggested I dress as a cup of coffee for Halloween. I’m sitting and sipping iced coffee right now as I type. Sitting and starting the day, trying to jump start the brain and get thinking, I need my coffee. I also enjoy it. 

My past has produced little interest in motorized transport. I’ve cared less about vehicles than average, that’s for sure. Mostly I’ve seen fancy cars as ways to throw money away. My close friends, the dudes I call all the time, are aware of my recent car obsession. Some find it a little strange or ironic. Lately though, my brain has been focusing on the wired. It’s not only from the coffee. I’ve been obsessed with the coming revolution of wired cars. Although they still don’t make transporting billons of earth citizens around exactly harmless, electric cars are the near future. They run well and reduce energy demands. 

If any blogger or media outlet is trying to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is how they get hits, which are then transferred into readership and money, they just need to attach the tag #Tesla to everything. Not sure it matters if they actually write about birdseed, the Red Sox, or medical marijuana, but they should loop it back to Elon Musk. 

In anticipation of eventual electric car ownership I pay more attention to where electric car charging is placed. The internet has proposed locations. Near restaurants is great for long road trips. A speedy, but hopefully not fried, bite to eat with some amps to go. If you are not hungry and not doing a multi charge trip, a coffee stop seems perfect. Technology helps one find chargers on the road. Trips based on charger locations using mapping software are easily planned. It would be nice to know though, where to find chargers that will always be there without needing to conduct a search. Tesla and Starbucks both have cult followings. So I can’t imagine how nice it would be to drink a Pike every 300 miles. Customers choose Starbucks because of the reliability and consistency. It is 2nd, not 3rd wave, but nevertheless, will be warm and tasty. It’s one of those things, make fun of Starbucks with a venti in you hand. A modern necessity hard to live without. If we knew there were Tesla chargers at every freestanding Starbucks, that would great opportunity for frequent duel energy boosting.